America in Prophecy

The beginning of the end.

Puritans, Pilgrims, and men like Roger Williams created a safe haven for liberty. They built "One Nation under God" – a nation founded on the Bible principles.

But to these sturdy pioneers, freedom of worship also included the freedom not to worship at all, if one so chose. Real freedom would mean that those who worshipped God, and those who didn't would live together in respectful tolerance and peace.

But today, this dream of freedom is under siege. Why? Because many worship no god at all, and they increasingly oppose those who do. These unbelievers would strip away the religious freedoms that our founders sacrificed to create. They seem bent on creating a nation based on their own secular atheism, by force if necessary. They mock the very idea that we are a nation under God.

Those who chose to worship God are also responsible. They – we – have taken tolerance to tragic extremes of compromise. Instead of standing up for God and the Bible, we give too much away in our eagerness not to offend anyone. And slowly, we are becoming One Nation, under Total Confusion.

It's time to stand firm again – to stop compromising away our hard-won freedoms. This book will help all of us remember our nation's original dream – and inspire us to recapture it.

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