Noah, Another Storm is Coming

The real story and how it ends.

A worldwide, catastrophic flood. It reshaped the face of the planet. It killed millions of animals. It ended the lives of countless men, women and children. Why would anyone believe a God of love would punish the world like this?

You're not alone. Questions like this one have mystified honest, searching people for thousands of years.

There is an answer that actually makes sense that will help you understand the mind of God when it comes to evil, sin, suffering, pain, and punishment.

In this stunning, in-depth exploration of the real story of Noah, you'll discover all the great themes at play in this world-changing event. You'll not only get an accurate, biblical and historical narrative of the life and times of Noah, but you'll also better grasp the vital spiritual themes that will expand your Bible literacy and grow your trust in God's plan for our planet – and for you.

This book will show you how to have that extraordinary faith.

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