Prophet of the End (Tract)

One of the most astounding stories of modern times.

Unable to write a sentence or walk out the door unsupported.
Yet destined to travel across continents.
And write more than most have ever written.
Here is the whole heart-gripping drama.

"The tower bell of Old St Mary's on California Street rang out five times on the still, cool air. It promised to be another beautiful day for San Francisco. There was no fog that morning and the streets were quiet.

"The dance halls at the Barbary Coast and the houses of ill fame on Pacific Street had closed shop for the night, as a few drunken stragglers made their way home. A city, forgetting its sins, was beginning to arise.

"It was Wednesday, April 18, 1906. At 5:08 the street lights dimmed and went out. A few cable cars and overhead trolleys had already left the street car barns to begin a new day.

"The clocks on the tower of the Ferry Building said that it was 5:15 – they were running a little fast that morning. But it would be months before they would run again. For at that instant, the earthquake struck."

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