The Great Second Advent Movement, by John N. Loughborough:

J. N. Loughborough was the first historian of the denomination. He was present more than 50 times when Ellen White received visions and he recounts the fascinating phenomena that accompanied them. By request of Ellen White, he wrote the history of the Advent movement in the books: The Rise and Progress of Seventh-Day Adventists and The Great Second Advent Movement. Your heart will be revived by this engaging narrative of his eye-witness account.


The King James Bible and the Modern Versions:

One of the biggest religious frauds which occurred in church history. The most complete explanation of how it was done. The largest in-depth defense of the King James Bible.

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The Response of History to the Book of Daniel, by Uriah Smith:

An increase of knowledge respecting the prophetic portions of the word of God was to be one of the characteristics of the last days. Said the angel to Daniel, "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased;" or, as Michaelis's translation reads: "When many shall give their sedulous attention to the understanding of these things, and knowledge shall be increased." It is our lot to live this side the time to which the angel told Daniel to thus shut up the words and seal the book. That restriction has now expired by limitation. In the language of the figure, the seal has been removed, and many are running to and fro, and knowledge has marvelously increased in every department of science; yet it is evident that this prophecy specially contemplates an increase of knowledge concerning those prophecies that are designed to give us light in reference to the age in which we live, the close of this dispensation, and the soon-coming transfer of all earthly governments to the great King of Righteousness, who shall destroy his enemies, and crown with an infinite reward every one of his friends. The fulfillment of the prophecy in the increase of this knowledge, is one of the pleasing signs of the present time. For more than half a century, light upon the prophetic word has been increasing, and shining with ever-growing luster to our own day.


The Sermons and Talks Collection:

During the 70 years of her ministry, Ellen White was called upon to speak in just about every imaginable situation. In these volumes we can read (provided all in audio) her transcribed material as she originally gave it. (Few of these messages have been previously published).


The Spiritual Gifts Collection:

Preface to Reprinted Edition: Among the most treasured volumes in the libraries of many of the old Seventh-day Adventist workers are the early editions of the E. G. White books, particularly "Spiritual Gifts," Volumes I-IV, published from 1858-1864. Through the passage of the years the fuller E. G. White presentations have replaced these small original volumes, which have become quite rare and much sought after. Provided all in audio.


The Story of the Seer of Patmos, by Stephen N. Haskell:

The study of prophecy, by many, is considered uninteresting, and much that is written upon this subject is given in an argumentative style, which is unattractive to many minds. The "Story of the Seer of Patmos: is a treatise on the book of Revelation, given in a narrative style, interesting alike to old and young.

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