The real story...

Exodus is not a fairy tale or fable. It really happened – and archaeology and history confirmed that it did. The primary record of this stunning story is found in the second book in the Bible, bearing the name of the Great Deliverance: Exodus.

In recent times, storytellers of our age – authors and film makers – have more than once attempted to bring the Exodus to us in books or visually in theatres worldwide. Some things about the story they get right. But so often, they depart from the truth of the Bible, as if it were not already dramatic enough just as written. Whether intended or not, their efforts fall short, focusing far too much on the human and not at all enough on the divine.

In this book we recount the Exodus just as its leader, Moses, recorded it, preserved for all time in the Bible's Old Testament. The Exodus, when told faithfully, brings glory and honour to the one True God – and it shows the sad powerlessness of the many gods worshipped by Pharaoh and all Egyptians. What an awesome showdown! The True God versus an array of false gods. Moses versus Pharaoh.

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