The Great Controversy

The lives and struggles of Christians.

The story of the Whirlwind in earlier Christian centuries – the story of why it came – the story of men and women who lived through it and died in it to protect your Bible and your faith.

Chapter after chapter – men and women who would not compromise. The peace they won we can have today. It is all here, within the pages of this book.

The story of the Crisis in Our Day – what led up to this crisis – why are we now entering it – how to successfully meet it.

Thinking men everywhere recognize that we are on the edge of a terrible emergency. Yet few understand its nature. Here you will find the key events of earlier years that are bringing us into the crisis. Here you will find the truth about the Mark of the Beast.

A path is leading us into the inevitable, but there is a way out. This is a book you will want for yourself and your loved ones.

68 Bible, historical, promise charts, 2 research sources, chart and general indexes.

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