MP3 Audio ZIP Archives

The MP3 audio files available for download as shown in the list below are Zip archives, and each archive consists of all the audio files associated with each title. Zipped archives can be unzipped using native Zip archive support that comes with Windows ME and Windows 10, and unzipping a Zip archive can be performed using Windows File Manager.

To extract file(s) from a Zip archive using Windows File Manager, right-click on the Zip file and select 'Extract All' from the drop-down menu. In the dialogue box that pops up "Select a Destination and Extract Files". Click on the 'Extract' button to complete the task.

If you do not have pre-installed Zip software on your PC, you can purchase one online from the Microsoft Store. You can also try the Free Apps section on the Microsoft Store for a reliable Zip app. Alternatives are WinZip or WinRAR, which can be purchased online. These rate amongst the most popular apps for archiving files or unzipping archived files. There are also freebies available on the internet that can perform the same tasks. However, beware of what you download from the internet, and for this reason it is best to check out some reviews first before downloading free apps.

The following audio files have been compressed as Zip archives for downloading and they are listed under their respective libraries:

•  Agnosticism-Atheism

Come Search With Me – Book 1 (110 MB)
Come Search With Me – Book 2 (132 MB)
Experiences of David Dare (80 MB)
Prophecy Speaks (80 MB)

•  Archaeology-Science

Making Archaeology Biblical (156 MB)
The Evolution Handbook (866 MB)

•  Education

Education (121 MB)

•  For RC's

The Magnificat (229 MB)

•  For SDA's

Last Day Events (367 MB)
The Abomination of Desolation and Church History (1.2 GB)
The Golden 100 (22 MB)
The King James Bible and the Modern Versions (283 MB)

•  General Interest

Inside Rock Music (120 MB)
The Real Story Behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween (86 MB)

•  Health

A Call to Medical Evangelism & Health Education (25 MB)
Christian Service (90 MB)
Counsels on Diet and Foods (233 MB)
Counsels on Health (118 MB)
Hard Drugs Can Ruin You (77 MB)
Healthful Living (71 MB)
Temperance (117 MB)
The Ministry of Healing (86 MB)

•  History

History of the Reformation – Book 1 (255 MB)
History of the Reformation – Book 2 (188 MB)
History of the Reformation – Book 3 (189 MB)
History of the Reformation – Book 4 (169 MB)
The Holy Bible – The Old Testament (605 MB)
The Holy Bible – The New Testament (209 MB)

•  Music

Inside Rock Music (122 MB)
Scripture Songs (32 MB)


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